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Digital transformation and automation partner

SmartPalm is a team of technology driven individuals, who offer unique expertise in customer centric web and mobile application development across various platforms. We specialise in high impact mobile app solutions that are customised to your business needs.

We enable digital process automation, providing a single view of the customer, real-time customer engagement and connected, centralized data solutions to solve your business problems!

Driven by our passion for the ICT industry and compliance processes, we actively seek technology solutions to upscale our client’s business trading environments and ensure that we offer industry relevant and intuitive platforms that are user-centric and compliant with business processes.

We endeavour to improve overall business process efficiencies, resulting in a direct contribution to the reduction of operational cost and enablement of business growth through robust technologies that support scalable digitisation and automation of business processes from any remote device.

Run your business from the palm of your hand!

Complete Solution

SmartPalm offers a complete mobile administrative platform for B2B and B2C processes.

Branded Mobile App

We know how hard you work to get your brand out there. We do not dilute your brand nor do we employ any co-branding. It is your app, and your brand - all the way!

Custom Business Process

The app is customised to be driven by your business process. No unnecessary or useless process functions which is not applicable to your business.

Process Driven

A process fueled mobile application system which adapts to your business. No need to change your business to fit the technology. Our technology allows us to meet your process requirement and seemlessly integrate recognisable processes already used within your business, with little to no learning curve by the user.

Document Control

Your app will be a fully functioning administrative hub. Submissions of process documentation as well as submission of supporting documentation can be generated and submitted via your application simplifying the way in which your customer does business with you. No more long and tedious admin processes which are heavily reliant on outdated telephony and email based interactions.

Process Communications

SmartPalm offers both in-app messaging and sms based communication services. Maximise your process communication methodologies with the best, most suitable communication service for your mobile app environment.

Our Engagement

SmartPalm prefers a professional yet relaxed approach. We offer guided interactions with our clients from first engagement through architecture planning to final delivery and activation of your application.

Our Team

Our team consists of individuals with varied experience and skills from a broad spectrum of compliance reliant industries ranging from ISO 9001 Auditor, Key Accounts (Financial Industry) and Business Management. Our technical development is locally and internationally based and boast experience within both international and domestic mobile application projects.

Why SmartPalm

Smartpalm Technologies play a significant role in the large-scale digitisation of South African and African businesses and we believe in the powerful role of upliftment that digitisation and automation technology provides to businesses globally.

Smartpalm harnesses technologies which allows the seamless digitisation of current manual business processes and provides the ability to house and facilitate any administrative process within a web or mobile application which streamlines compliance driven business process control.

With a keen understanding of compliance and corporate governance standards such as International Standards Organisation (ISO), King III Report, POPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act); Smartpalm applies this understanding to the underlying basis of its process automation and digitization technology offering.

Our approach to technology is what makes SmartPalm different.

We focus on delivering digital and automation solutions that solve real business problems.

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